Dome Preservation Plans Spark Thanks

We were pleased to see a very nice Letter to the Editor in the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Thank you to Jean Holt for your kind words. We too are proud of our efforts! 

Dome preservation plans spark thanks

On Feb. 1, an article about the Terminal Station appeared. I am so thrilled that it will be preserved. My thanks to Jon Kinsey, his son and Cornerstones for their preservation efforts.

In 1934, my mother's body was accompanied by my father and his brother on a train from this station for her burial in Altro, Ky. During World War II, my family members were sent out on troop trains. My first train ride as a child was from this station to Toledo, Ohio. My husband, after serving four years in the Navy, worked for the postal service on the mail trains from here to Cincinnati, Meridian, Miss., and Bristol, Va.

My granddaughter, who had spent summers in Chattanooga with us, came here for Christmas with her husband, who had never been to Chattanooga. We took them to see the beautiful dome and have pictures made by the side of the train on the track.

Thanks again for efforts to preserve this wonderful landmark for our city.

Jean Holt



Amanda Carmichael