Cornerstones, Inc. Releases Annual Properties in Peril List

Cornerstones, Inc. has released its list of properties that are considered at risk for losing. 

Properties in Peril:
These are at the top of our list in terms of the severity of the deterioration the buildings are currently in.  
Ross Meehan, 1892 by the Chattanooga Market – Roof recently collapsed.
St. George Hotel, NR originally Glen Hotel, 1924 – this was the city’s first fireproof hotel
Ellis Restaurant, NR as part of the Market & Main Streets HD, 1930
Levin Brothers, NR as part of the Market & Main Streets Historic District, 1900
Tadley Building, NR as part of the MLK Historic District, 1915

Endangered Properties:
These properties are in stable condition but are still not in use so we will be diligent and keep a watchful eye.
Brown's Tavern, NR – ca. 1805
Engel, NR - 1924
Jazzy Furniture Building - ca. 1890s
Burchay Building - 1893
Industrial Y - 1924

Historic Cemeteries:
Several area cemeteries are at risk of being forgotten. We will continue to monitor and bring attention to those that are at risk.
Citizen's Cemetery, burials predate the Civil War. Confederate soldiers buried here, not sure of the first burials – 1830s

Historic Schools:
Chattanooga’s small, community schools are being demolished to make way for larger ones. We will always advocate for adaptive reuse.
CSAS - Wyatt Hall listed on the NR, 1920
Brainerd Junior High - 4201 Cherryton Drive, 1930. Designed by Reuben Harrison Hunt and reflects Colonial and/or Georgian influences.
Highland Park Elementary - originally the Hemlock School, 1920

Oldest Buildings Cornerstones has worked with:
Brown's Tavern 1803
John Brown House 1830s
Dent house 1853
Urban Stack 1870s
Central Block 1883
Dome Building 1892
Customs House 1892

Saved in the past year: 
Tomorrow Building/Ross Hotel
Mayfield Annex
Fleetwood Coffee Building
Big Ben's

Lost in the past year:
Shelton Mills Building (Cheeburger Cheeburger)
Ross Meehan Foundry Building (one of two)

Amanda Carmichael